These structures that pass through the construction process leave many different substances and products behind and these products need to be cleaned.

It is very difficult to do the construction cleaning according to others, today’s technological tools and work with our staff of high-quality staff can be done successfully.

During construction, materials such as sand, cement and gypsum appear and are difficult to clean.

Thanks to these services we provide, this process can be done in a short time.

The cleanliness of different structures after construction is done safely with special detergents and materials.

Constructions made using various materials and products cause serious problems by leaving different substances and impurities behind.

After completion of the construction, the structures must be cleaned at the level to be opened.



Pro cleaning won’t leave a corner untouched! We start with collecting and removing all plastic glasses, bottles, dishes/plates and other rubbish from around your home. Then we carry on with living room where we clean and dust all hard surface areas. Mirrors and glass surfaces get cleaned as well. Before we leave the room, we either vacuum or mop it, depending on its texture.



Carpet cleaning services are provided by our company for the carpets which are furnished and fixed in places in homes and workplaces. For this reason, the wall-to-wall carpet products, especially furnished in places, should be cleaned and subjected to special processes.

Carpets used in the environment in which they are called as wall to wall; It can be cleaned in place by means of our special machines and personnel without dismantling and dismantling.

Carpet cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, shampoo washing, dry foam washing, chip washing and hot washing methods are available.

By using the most suitable disinfectants for floor carpets at home or work places, washing process is carried out in a way that ensures complete cleaning of the carpet.

Thanks to the well-equipped and experienced staff of our company, this process of washing your carpets without any problems in cleaning is provided. Thanks to these on-site services you don’t need to get tired.



Looking for curtain cleaning services? Many homeowners often neglect our curtain, as we do not step and walk on our curtains, but one must remember that they are one of the most noticeable items.

How do curtains get dirty? Curtains became dirty and look old gradually without us noticing. Over time, curtains act as an air filter capturing all the tidy particles.

Curtain plays an important role in the interior of our home; it adds beauty to our flat and come in variety of designs, styles and colours.

When our existing curtains look old and dirty, we would spend huge amount of money on new ones to get it replace, instead with curtain cleaning annually, it will make our existing curtains cleaned and look as good as new.



Houses are people’s living space. Employees want to relax during the day at work, stress and fatigue, students spend time at home, relax in the tiredness of a very busy day.

Ways to Simplify House Cleaning

Generally, there are days of house cleaning in certain periods. Mostly today is the end of the week. This sometimes turns the holidays into pain. Cleaning on the day of cleaning is said to be done in a short period of time. On the day of cleaning, a stacked cleaning job can be carried out and cleaning is carried out all day. There are easy ways to reduce the cleaning time.

  • Used kitchen utensils should not be left in the middle, should be put in place.
    Wiping, sweeping, ironing, laundry should be done in a plan.
  • All kinds of cleaning materials must have a fixed place, they should not spend time searching for them.
  • Cleaning should be done by all family members.
  • Cleaning tools and materials must be of high quality, so do not spend too much time to remove dirt.
  • Cleaning should be done from the ceiling to the floor starting from the entrance of the house.



Offices are the most lively places of business life.

Employees spend most of their time around here. Therefore, cleaning, layout, hygiene of the office is very accessories. Hygiene of the offices to ensure the continuity and efficiency of the work force to maintain the health of employees.

Office layout and cleanliness also directly affects the psychology and success of the employee. Not only for employees but also for customers. Customers prefer to choose according to the cleanliness and order of the offices they enter and they are in the business according to the impression they will have.

With the office cleaning service we have provided for many years, we provide a clean and organized office and we offer a hygienic work environment.

All of your office cleaning needs are met in the timeframe you specify, whether you periodically or if you choose to clean your offices.



Pro Cleaning has created move in / out cleaning service for people who are moving into or out of a home or buy/sell a property and need thorough deep property cleaning.

Pro Cleaning works with many letting agents all over London and we know their requirements regarding the condition of the property to be vacated. Move in / out cleaning service is designed to meet your daily needs and facilitate your life on a day to day basis. Our cleaning services are carried out by Pro Cleaning’s well trained, fully insured and motivated cleaning teams who are experienced in move in / out cleaning up to a very high standard. View before and after cleaning photos of actual jobs done in London.



Having your own facilities in the home environment of carpets will not provide in-depth and complete cleaning.

Cleaning applications in the home is provided.

No complete hygiene. It can be used as cleaners again in a long period of time.



Nowadays, there is a continuous increase in the number of high plazas formed by glass. This increase brings with it many requirements.

At the beginning of these needs, it is the cleaning of these huge plaza type structures. The internal cleanliness of these structures is no different from cleaning any house. However, when it comes to cleaning the exterior, things are becoming quite complicated.

Facade cleaning is a matter of utmost importance and attention. For this reason, it should not be studied in this field with any company that says that they serve in this field.